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Salvatore,Salvatore,Salvatore,Salvatore,Salvatore,Salvatore,Salvatore,Salvatore,Salvatore,Salvatore,Salvatore Napoli Leone

Nardò, 2022

I had the chance to paint in the wonderful town of Nardò surrounded by the most welcoming people I've ever met, close to an amazing sea. This mural is part of a riqualification project started from  playground and facade enhancing and then completed with my artwork.
I  was asked to portrait Salvatore Napoli Leone a great inventor and multidisciplinary genius from the first 900' whom reinvented himself multiple times in different ways. I'm not a huge fan of memorial murals and there was no chance from the customer to paint something else than the face so I maximize the purpose with a multiple portrait. The result is half a joke about the necessity to represent a face at all costs and half a story about the history of this  great man.

Photo credits: Egeon

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